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Adam Silver thinks the 2020-2021 NBA Season will start in January and in front of fans

New York- NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has stated that he believes the 2020-2021 NBA Season will likely start in January with some type of fans in attendance.

With COVID 19 cases still increasing in certain states and no vaccine for the virus, the country is at a stand still with allowing fans to attend festivals and sporting events. During the pandemic, the NBA made the sport happen by using a bubble format where players and members of the media could not exit the bubble. So far, the bubble has been a great example of having sports and stopping the spread. In a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Silver said he wanted to start the season around Christmas time, but he doesn't think it will be enough time to get everyone prepared.

The NBA is looking for options to see how they can move forward with allowing fans into the arena. Different sports organization, like college football and the NFL have allowed limited fans to attend the games. Attendants had to follow safety protocol like wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing. It will be interesting to see if the NBA will allow a small percentage of fans to enter the arena, if they implicate safety measures.

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