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  • Eric Martinez

A1 Padel & New York Yankees announce inaugural tournament October 9th –15th

New York Yankees and A1 Padel announced the official U.S. debut tournament which is planned to be held on October 9th – October 15th. The tournament will take place in the iconic Wollman Rink in New York City’s Central Park that seats 4,000. The venue is a perfect setting for fans to experience the excitement of racquet sport and familiarize themselves with the culture of padel and the passion of its players.

A1 Padel is an international padel tour founded in 2020 by Pastor who is the CEO of Monte Carlo International Sports. This tour is part of a 50-city tournament that spans from all across the globe including countries like Spain, Monaco, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa. The goal of the tour is to promote U.S. development and awareness of padel, and to captivate sports enthusiasts through its dynamic gameplay, tactical strategies, and social appeal. The New York Yankees strategically partnering with A1 Padel will help continue the rise in popularity of the sport and captivate the New York audiences expanding its presence in the United States. The tournament is set to start on October 9th with two sessions per day (morning and evening), and on Friday, there will be one session. During Finals Weekend, doors will open at 2:00PM with two semifinal matches on Saturday and the tournament final on Sunday, October 15.

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