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Claressa Shields pulls out her first MMA victory in the third round by TKO

Atlantic City- Clareesa Shields showed grit and hunger in her first MMA bout as she defeated Britney Elken by TKO in the third round.

After dominating women's boxing, Claressa Shields wanted to test her talents in the MMA world. She signed a deal with the Professional Fighters League a couple months ago and got herself in shape for her first MMA bout.

Shields first career MMA fight started on Thursday against the veteran Britney Elkin. Prior to the fight, Shields stated that she was up to the task and took her training seriously. In her first MMA fight, Shields proved that she was about that life, overcame adversity, and finished Elkin in a matter of seconds.

After getting out on an arm bar in the second round, Shields decided that she was going to stop Elkin at any costs. Shields hit Elkin with a her own medicine in the third round. She hit her with a couple of strikes that dropped Elkin to the floor. Elkin attempted to get back up, but Shields half mounted her and struck her viciously with blows to the head. The referee had to stop the fight and Shields won the fight by TKO.

What a comeback after it seemed like Elkin had all the momentum on her side. Shields refused to quit and it showed in her comeback round. This is what she had to say about the fight.

"I never doubted myself winning a boxing match in my life," Shields said. "MMA, it's like it's possible I can lose this first fight. just had a never-quit attitude every round."

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