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Mac McClung repeats as Slam Dunk champion

With all the snow on the ground and the temperatures being super cold in Indy, the dunk contest was the thing that was going to warm up the crowd. The participants for this years' dunk contest were a little unconventional for the most part but brought in some unique jams to the sight. Jaylen Brown, Jaime Jaquez Jr., and Jacob Toppin wanted to be one of the players that took the Slam Dunk crown away from Mac McClung.

Jaquez Jr. kicked off the dunk contest with a between the legs dunk over Shaq. Some people like the dunk but as Kenny the Jet stated, that it didn't get him hype. Jacob did a sideways dunk over his brother, which again didn't really wow the crowd. Brown did an okay windmill, which put him in first place. McClung did something totally different, he jumped over somebody, threw the ball to himself and dunked it backwards. You would expect it to be a 50, but it was given a 48.

After it was all said and done, the two finalists were McClung and JB. Brown went first and pay homage to Terrance Clark. The representation was good, but the dunk did not get the crowd out of their seats. MaClung dunked over two people with a crazy dunk. The little guy had the crowd once again on their feet. JB finished a standard dunk with a Michael Jackson glove on his left hand. Mac dunked over Shaq to win back-to-back slam dunk competitions.


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