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  • Brandon Harley

Baltimore's defense gets the job done against the Chargers

It has long been known that the Baltimore Ravens are known as a hard-nosed, aggressive, and defensive-minded team, and they lived up to that reputation on Sunday night.

A 20-10 primetime win over the Los Angeles Chargers was the result of the Ravens holding Justin Herbert and company in check under the bright lights at SoFi Stadium. For more than three quarters, the Ravens' defense controlled this game.

Ravens' success was largely due to the four turnovers they forced on the night. It was just an interception at the end of the half on a Hail Mary play that did not matter much at all. Nonetheless, the other three were all fumbles that occurred in crucial parts of the game. The final one was perhaps the most impactful, as it came in the red zone early in the fourth quarter. It stopped a promising Chargers drive.

As good as the Ravens' defense was, their offense wasn't as effective. It wasn't an awful performance, as 361 total yards with no giveaways is solid. Ravens star Lamar Jackson completed 18 of 32 passes for 177 yards and a touchdown while adding 41 yards on the ground. Aside from Jackson, the Ravens' biggest star on offense was rookie receiver Zay Flowers. He finished with a total 62 yards and two touchdowns.

It seems to me that the Ravens are the favorites to come out of the AFC with their play from Lamar Jackson and their stout defense, and I strongly believe this will be the case


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