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  • Tarrian Rodgers

WWE Summerslam Review: The good, the bad, the great

There has been so much change in the WWE over the last few weeks with Chairman/CEO and head of creative Vince McMahon retiring. With that huge announcement rocking sports entertainment the next question is how would WWE creative look under a new vision? McMahon’s son-in-law Paul HHH Levesque gained creative control and exercised it in his first major PPV Summerslam in Nashville Tennessee.HHH didn’t disappoint giving fans an exciting show with many new compelling storylines.

THE GOOD- Becky Lynch and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair kicked off the show in a compelling back and fourth match, The storytelling was at an all-time high here. Bianca Belair turned the tables on Becky Lynch to retain her Raw women's championship. It was at this event last year where Lynch made her comeback defeating Belair in record breaking time. Belair capitalized this year and then immediately dropped Becky with a second KOD for the pinfall victory.After the pin, Lynch in an uncharacteristic move for her heel character, embraced Belair and hugged her to close out their long-standing rivalry.Suddenly Bayley's music hit. Bayley, who's been sidelined since last July with a torn ACL, stood on the ramp with a smirk on her face. But she didn't return alone. It was at this moment the HHH era officially began as Bayley came with two favorites from HHH’s NXT days in Dakota Kai, who was released by WWE in April, made a surprise appearance alongside the former champion and was also joined by former NXT champion Io Shirai -- referenced on TV as Io Sky. Before they could seemingly attack Belair, Becky came to her aid, completing her face turn. This gives Raw a fresh new storyline in the women’s division.

More good in his WWE singles debut, social media star Logan Paul defeated The Miz after delivering the Skull Crushing Finale.Paul showed tremendous in ring skill. He even had one of the spots of the night completing a flying elbow crashing the announce table. This wrestling thing may really be Paul’s calling.

The next big surprise was the return of Edge. Edge returned to get revenge on his former faction, The Judgment Day, and helped The Mysterios score the victory in a No Disqualification tag team match.The Mysterios had Finn Balor and Damian Priest set up for a double 619 but were reeling after Rhea Ripley interfered. That's when Edge rose from the floor and went full terminator mode. Edge could enter a singles program with Balor, which has the potential to deliver some incredible matches.

THE BAD- Smackdown champion Liv Morgan is a crowd favorite and it would have been a premature move to take the belt off her so early. However, to make up for certain things WWE has to resort to creative ways to keep her victorious. Liv Morgan retained the title when Ronda Rousey's shoulders touched the mat for the three count while she applied the arm bar on Morgan. Morgan, however, also tapped to the armbar which should have resulted in Rousey winning.Rousey, surprised with the result, snapped and attacked Morgan, putting her in another arm bar, and then put the referee into one as well. Rousey turned heel in a terrible overall matchup. If the feud were to continue the quality of match has to get better to keep fans interested. Liv looked like a weak champion. Rumor has it Charlotte Flair could return soon and maybe adding her in the dynamic could help make the in ring work be more exciting.

Bobby Lashley vs Austin Theory- The match was very similar to their match at Money in the Bank. Theory used a bunch of heelish tactics and Lashley was able to weather the storm to tap Theory out the match was pointless and short. The Theory Lashley feud should be over.

THE GREAT- Roman Reigns retained the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship with a victory over Brock Lesnar in an action-packed Last Man Standing Match to close out SummerSlam. This match was the best match that Brock and Roman has ever had. The match kicked off with Lesnar, who entered the stadium on a tractor, jumping off the vehicle to attack Reigns before he unleashed a series of punches. The most shocking moment of the match is when Lesnar, using the tractor, tipped the ring halfway over, sending Reigns rolling out of the ring from great heights. Lesnar then cleared the announce table, but before he could send Roman crashing through it, The Usos interfered and attacked him. Lesnar took out the Usos and sent Paul Heyman through the table with an F-5. During the interference, Reigns got back up to his feet and capitalized on a distracted Lesnar by hitting a spear. That’s when the threat of Theory and his Money in the Bank cash-in hung over the match, "A-Town Down" finally hit the loudspeaker and Mr. Money in the Bank sprinted to the ring. Brock Lesnar immediately hits Theory with a F-5. Reigns ended the match and his rivalry with Lesnar -- when he cleverly buried Brock in a mountain of tables and chairs. The official hit the 10-count and Reigns remained champion. Reigns will meet Drew McIntyre next at Clash of the Castle

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