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WWE Money in the Bank rocked London to its core

Saturday’s WWE Money in the Bank’s show live from the C02 Arena in London England lived up to its name because the show was money! It was the first time in 16 years WWE did a show in the CO2 Arena. And they really outdid themselves! This show brought lots of excitement and gave wrestling fans lots to look forward to this summer. Aside from the men's and women's ladder matches, five other matches took place Saturday afternoon, three of which were title matches − the women's tag team championship, intercontinental championship and world heavyweight championship and the much-anticipated Bloodline Civil War.

The show kicked off with the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. The heavy favorite to win was LA Knight. While he didn’t win, he had an amazing showing in this match. Logan Paul was also a participant and while he didn’t win he continues to show he belongs in a wrestling ring taking serious bumps. The moment of the match was Paul being backflipped and body slammed into two tables by Riccochet. Later on his Instagram he showed how jacked up his back got but he WOW”D the fans. As far as the ending was concerned, Judgment Day’s Damian Priest hailed victorious, winning the briefcase.

After the ladder match one of the shockers of the night took place when Ronda Rousey and Shayna Bazler defended their newly won tag titles. However, it was a short-lived title reign as Bazler turned her back on Rousey. Both women in real life are best friends and former MMA champions. Bazler attacked Rousey and left the ring leaving Liv Morgan and Raquel Gonzalez as the new women’s champions. The idea of Rousey and Bazler feuding this summer will be huge for the women’s division and huge for Bazler as she hasn’t been able to really find her stride as a single's competitor

In the Intercontinental title match Guenther retained his belt against Matt Riddle. However, the story was the return of Drew McIntyre who many have rumored was done with the WWE. CEO and head creative writer HHH scoffed at the rumors during the press conference of any problems with McIntyre and the company and this looks like a one of the many feuds WWE has on tap for Summeslam McIntyre vs Guenther.

One of the biggest shockers of the night was the return of John Cena. Cena charged up the crowd selling the idea of a London Wrestlemania, until the brash Aussie Greyson Waller came out to exchange banter with Cena. Waller attacked Cena and Cena recovered hitting Waller with the Attitude Adjustment. A Waller and Cena feud looks like it's in the works for Summerslam which is a huge sign that the WWE is trying to push Waller.

The Women’s Money in the Bank was also very exciting. The match was full of high-flying and extreme moves, but the turning point was Bayley knocking her Damage CTRL partner Iyo Sky off the ladder just as she was about to grab the briefcase. It was then between Bayley and Becky Lynch, but Sky reappeared with handcuffs, locking Bayley and Lynch together between the ladder. Sky climbed over her Damage CTRL leader and grabbed the briefcase. A Sky and Bailey storyline looks like it will be happening soon. WWE has teased tension between the two for awhile now and this finish seems to tell that very story.

Damage CTRL isn’t the only faction being teased as finished quite soon, another WWE faction was teased with a very similar ending. World Heavyweight champion Seth "Freakin" Rollins struggled against The Judgement Day’s Finn Bálor, as the momentum went back and forth with both stars. Things got interesting when Money in the Bank winner and The Judgement Day partner Damian Priest came out, showing interest in cashing in his title opportunity. Priest’s presence distracted Bálor, which allowed Rollins to hit a curb stomp to not only retain the title but show some cracks in the dominant faction. Afterwards Balor looked highly upset at his stablemate.

The Bloodline Civil War was the main event and it lived up to the billing as the kids say on twitter “It was cinema.” This story was built for years now. It appeared several times one team was going to end up on top, but kick-out after kick-out happened. The Usos hit a 1D on Roman Reigns, but the referee was knocked out so no count was made. Reigns and Sikoa then hit a Samoan spike-spear combination, and then stacked the Usos for the pin, but shockingly the Usos kicked out.

After getting Sikoa out of the match, Reigns looked like he had a win, but Jey Uso had a sneaky shot on Reigns to throw him off. They then did several superkicks on Reigns, before Jey Uso hit a frog splash on Reigns. Jey Uso pins Reigns. Not only was it a major win for the Usos, but it was the first time Reigns was pinned since December 2019. This was an obvious build up to Jey Uso vs Roman Rheins at Summerslam. The Bloodline storyline has arguably been one of the best stories in the history of wrestling with so many twists and turns.

The WWE truly outdid themselves. They also set attendance records. This so far has been the summer of WWE and the best part is that the story isn’t over. WWE will be back in August for Summerslam in Detroit.

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