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Women in Sports Who Want To See Change in Organizations About being sexually Harassed or Abused

New York- On Tuesday, Mj Acosta had a women's roundtable with Judy Battista, Shaneika Dabney-Henderson, and Nicole Lynn about improving the culture for women in sports.

The issues that were discussed on the round table were about having a safe space for women to talk about being sexually harassed, sexual abused, and assaulted without having to fear for their jobs or fear their integrity that nobody will believe them. In recent weeks, formerly known as the Washington Redskins, reportedly there have been 15 women who came out and said that they were sexually harassed or sexually degraded when working for the organization.

Henderson, as well as Acosta, echoed that they were not shocked at the women who came forward about the sexual harassment. They praised the women who came forward and felt like they could be the change for others to speak up about each of their experiences with being harassed or verbally assaulted, as well as praised other women who been through the horrific experiences but have not spoken about it. Many women who have been traumatized would want these men to be held accountable for their actions. In order for these women who have a career in sports will feel comfortable, consequences need to happen.

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