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What were the Broncos thinking

Colorado- The Denver Broncos made some costly errors in the fourth quarter, which cost them the game against the Seahawks, 17-16

With under a minute left in regulation, the Broncos had the opportunity to potentially break the Seahawks heart with either a touchdown or field goal. After getting great field position and having three timeouts, all the Broncos needed to do was ride Russell Wilson's expertise and how he has managed big moments like the one on Monday. Wilson marched his team down the field but was stopped three times around the 50-yard line. Now, you would think with a couple of timeouts and a future hofmer, the Broncos would live and die with the decision to put the ball in Wilson's hands on a fourth and five conversion attempt.

That was not the case. Instead, Denver wasted a timeout to kick a 64-yard field goal. Yes, a 64-yard field goal, with two timeouts left. Broncos' kicker Brandon McManus has never kicked a 64-yard field goal in his career and they decided to end the game with hopes and dreams of pulling this unique decision off. Welp, the dream faded, as McManus' kick went wide left, leaving Broncos' fans screaming at the television, sports broadcasters with their mouths' opened, and so many questions that the organization were asked after the game was over.

Denver had many opportunities that they let slip by, but the biggest concern was not trusting a quarterback that they went out of their way to get.

Wilson finished the game 29 out of 42 for 340 yards and 1 touchdown.

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