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  • Cade Morehouse

What is going on with the Cardinals

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Arizona Cardinals are 3-6 on the year, and it doesn’t look like their situation is improving at all. They are the 27th-ranked defense in the league, which is surprising because last year this team finished 11th in the rankings. Arizona ranks 17th in offense, where it placed 12th last year.

So, what exactly is going on with the Arizona Cardinals? The Cardinals are worse in every phase of the game right now compared to the previous year. Defensively and offensively, they’re having a hard time figuring it out and staying consistent. Arizona has a lot of young talent on both sides of the ball and are expected to be playing much better than they have. They are also being outcoached on both sides of the ball as well. The play calling and level of execution have not been great this year for the Cards.

This level of play is causing friction on the sidelines. Earlier this year, Kyler Murray was having a shouting match with his coaches, and now on Sunday, he was getting into it with star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins. The way the Cardinals played football at the start of last year, finished the season, and now are starting this season does not reflect well on the coaching staff in Arizona.

With the second half of the season, the Cards have their backs against the wall. They have lost three divisional games thus far and will need to figure out a way to get back on track and finish strong. They are capable of being a much better team if they can be more consistent with their play-calling and execution. The world saw last year how good this team can be when everyone was on the same page, as well as healthy. If they do not pick it up, someone's job could be on the line.

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