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Victor Wembanyama silence critics in his second Summer League game

After having a tough game on Friday, Victor Wembanyama wanted to redeem himself against the Portland Trailblazers on Sunday. Prior to the game, Wembanyama took a lot of responsibility with saying he did not know what he was doing out there but wanted to improve. The Spurs had his back and stated that his progression would come within time.

Welp, I guess Wembanyama took all of his anger out on Portland because he came out the gate with a vengeance. Instead of waiting for opportunities, he decided to be the aggressor and use his size over defenders. Despite his team being down in double figure, he was feeling it. Let's fast forward to the last five minutes of regulation. The Spurs went on a 15-6 run to cut the Trailblazers' lead to one. Everyone was out their seats to see if San Antonio could take the lead and pull out the miraculous victory. With a minute left, Wembanyama attempt a three point shot that went wide right. A couple fouls later, the Spurs walked off the court in defeat. Even though, the Spurs lost 85-80, Wembanyama's teammates were very impressed with his game.

"It's really tough to get a shot off and get anything off around him," Spurs guard Julian Champagnie said. "Vic's pretty cool, though, he loves to compete and we're all just trying to work out that on-court chemistry. I really like playing with him."

Wembanyama finished with 27 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

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