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Victor Wembanyama's nerves were showcased in his Summer League debut

The No. 1 draft pick had his welcome to the big leagues debut against the Hornets, but it was showered by turnovers and a horrific shooting night. Wembanyama scored his first basket on a semi hook shot in the painted area, which had everyone out of their seats, but afterwards he could not settle in and get into rhythm. He finished the night shooting 2 of 13 with 9 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 blocks.

Despite his nerves being exposed on the offensive end, Wembanyama showcased that he can be a force on the defensive side. It seemed like the Hornets could not figure a way to drive to the hole and finish an easy lay-up if Wembanyama was either helping out or being near the painted area. His effort on the defensive end, helped the Spurs get out and run. It will not show on the stat sheet, but Wembanyama showcased effort in the 76-68 victory over the Hornets.

"I think all in all he did a good job," Spurs Summer League head coach Matt Nielsen said. "Obviously, there's a lot of attention on him, you can talk about the outside stuff. But, the physicality, that was something that tonight obviously wound him up as it would. I thought he navigated it for the most part pretty well."

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