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Vice President Kamala Harris wants Russia to be held accountable for attacks in Ukraine

After swearing in Scott A. Nathan as Chief Executive Officer for the U.S International Development of Finance Corporation Thursday morning, Vice President Harris had some very vocal words about the situation that played out in Ukraine. Earlier this week, Russia decided to flex their muscles and blindsided Ukraine with deadly attacks.

President Joe Biden have already stated that Russia will have to pay for what they have done and VP Harris echoed the same message. In a press conference VP Harris had this to say."I want to be clear that we know and believe that this is a war of choice. It is unprovoked, it is unwarranted, and it is unjustified.As the President made clear from the beginning: If Russia were to take aggressive action against Ukraine, our response would be swift and certain. And that is, in fact, what has occurred."

"Today, the President outlined the sanctions, which are going to have a direct impact on Russia's economy, both in terms of sanctions and in terms of export controls. Those -- the effect will be immediate on Russia. We will continue, as we have from the very beginning, to work with our Allies and our partners around the world. We are unified in our position on this and in our reaction to this unjustified, unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation."

Earlier this morning, Russian forces attack Gostomel, which was the military airport near Kyiv. There have been a total of 137 people killed and 300 people injured, due to the attack.

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