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USWNT did enough to survive Australia and will qualify for the knockout stage, 0-0

Tokyo- USWNT takes a tie to advance to the knockout rounds.

In a most win situation for the USWNT, they had to either win or have a draw against Australia to advance to the quarter finals.

Alex Morgan and crew made it difficult in the first half defensively for Australia. They were the aggressor with forcing the issue with pressing Australia and making them speed up their offense. With 20 minutes left until break, Team USA had two shot on goal opportunities to score but either missed the crossed shot or over shot the kick. Team USA scored a goal at the 30 minute mark, but the goal was taken away because Morgan was offside. At the end of the half, both teams was knotted at zero.

It seemed like Team USA was a tad bit passive coming out in the second half. They were allowing Australia to dictate the slow and grinding pace of the the game. Team USA had a shot to score on a free kick at the 52 minute mark. They had a 3 on 1 and Morgan missed timed the corner kick, which sailed over the cross bar. Team USA did just enough to keep Australia from scoring and eventually went on to tie.

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