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United States provides close to 54M in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine after Russian attacks

It has been a very long week for Ukraine and its citizens after being attack by Russia. Ukraine is doing everything in its power to keep Russia from overthrowing their capital Kyiv. While the fight in the air and on the ground continues, the United States are providing assistance to Ukraine.

On Sunday, the U.S. contributed close to 54M in humanitarian assistance.This contribution will help provide critically needed health care, safe drinking water, sanitation, hygiene supplies, and protection for vulnerable children. This includes critical emergency health supplies to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of people, as well as emergency food assistance to meet the immediate needs of 125,000 people. It also includes a delivery of high thermal blankets this week to help more than 18,500 people, including people displaced from their homes, disabled people, and older people, stay warm during the harsh winter.

With the damages and unseen killings, it seems like Ukraine will need all the help that can get to keep afloat. As of right now, the European Commission is hitting President Puttin's pocket by disconnecting selective Russian Banks, restrictions on the Russian Central Bank, and sanctioning key Russian Leaders. Each of these countries hope that Puttin will cease the attacks and end this unseen war.

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