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Turnovers killed the Warriors in the fourth quarter

Jordan Poole and Draymond Green has been the golden spark for the Warriors in the series against the Nuggets. Green has defended Nikola Jokic exceptionally well and has took him out of his element. Despite Jokic having some pretty decent games, Green has not allowed him to be effective and frustrated him throughout the series. Poole has been one of the exciting players that has grown each time he has touched the ball. While Steph Curry has been coming off the bench, because of an injury he is coming back from,Poole has inserted himself as another splash brother. With the potential to sweep the Nuggets and advance to the next round, all eyes were on the surging Warriors.

The first half was not something fans expected. Denver got out to a quick double digit lead in the first. One of the key factors was Nikola Jokic. Jokic was in super saiyan mode, playing all around the world with Golden State. He was getting to the foul line, hitting three point shots, and was very aggressive with making the right reads with getting his teammates involved. Jokic finished the 22 points and 7 rebounds. After being down 17, the Warriors got their offense clicking in the right direction late in the second and cut the Nuggets lead to 11 at the end of break, 63-52.Even though the Warriors were within striking distance, Klay Thompson had four fouls, which was a factor in the second half.

Thompson came out the locker room with some hot sauce on his hands. He hit four consecutive shots and helped the Warriors go on a 12-6 run in the first three minutes of the third to cut Denver's lead to single digits. Turnovers, turnovers, and more turnovers was the Warriors' achilles heel late in the third. Six turnovers turned into nine fast break points for the Nuggets. Outside of the turnovers, Poole struggled to find his rhythm with Aaron Gordon guarding him.

Let's head to the fourth, down by double figures, Curry did everything in his power to will his team to a victory. He hit a couple of shots to cut Denver's lead to six, but once again the Nuggets got went on a 7-0 run to extend their lead midway in the quarter. That would not last long because Curry and Klay hit six straight points to cut the Nuggets' lead to three.

With under two minutes left in the game, Curry hit a lay-up and got an and1 to tie up the game at 119. Monte' Morris hit a potential game winning shot with an air floater to put Denver up two. On the next possession, Austin Rivers forced a turnover to help Denver escaped this wild game and extend the series, 126-121.

Curry finished with 33

Klay finished with 32

Poole finished wit 11


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