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Tom Brady and the Bucs get their first victory of the season over the Panthers, 31-17

Tampa Bay- The Tampa Buccaneers get their first win of the season, as they defeated the Carolina Panthers 31-17.

Tom Brady got back to his winning ways, as he got his first victory with the Buccaneers this season. Brady and his team looked in sync, as they got the running game going with Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones scoring touchdowns. Last week against the New Orleans Saints, Mike Evans had a rough game and had only two catches. Against the Panthers, Evans had one heck of a day, as he was catching everything in sight. The Panthers had no idea how to cover him and it showed. The Bucs got very creative and used LeSean McCoy in the backfield and as a wide receiver to keep the Panthers' defense on edge. McCoy had a couple of good runs that set up a couple of scoring drives

On the defensive end, the Bucs stopped Teddy Bridgewater from throwing the long ball down the field, pressured him, and did not let Christian McCaffrey become a factor in the game. The Bucs' defense was exceptional against the run. McCaffrey was held to 59 yards and had two touchdowns. He had to leave the game early in the fourth, because of a tweaked ankle.

However, the fourth quarter got pretty interesting, as the Panthers scored a touchdown to cut the Bucs' lead to a one possession game. On the ensuing drive,Tom Brady went down the field and almost had another touchdown, but McCoy dropped the ball in the back of the endzone. The Bucs tacked on a field to extend their lead mid-way in the quarter to ten, 24-14. With under two minutes left, the Panthers kicked a field goal to cut the lead down to a seven point game, 24-17. Fournette put the nail in the coffin, as he put on the jets and scored on a 46-yard touchdown run to put the game on ice.

Brady finished the game 23 out of 35 for 217 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception

Fournette had 12 carries for 103 yards and 2 touchdowns

Bridgewater completed 32 out of 41 for 353 yards and had 2 interceptions.

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