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The overall first pick of the 2021 NFL Draft is Trevor Lawrence going to the Jaguars

Cleveland- The first overall pick went to the Jacksonville Jaguars and they selected Trevor Lawrence as their first pick.

The Jaguars for months had talked about Lawrence and what he brought to the table with helping them get to that next level and back into the playoffs. Jacksonville last season was playing ring around the rosie at the quarterback position. After a lot of turmoil with the GM and former head coach Doug Marrone, the Jags felt like it was time to go in a new direction.

Marrone was released and the Jags decided to pick up Urban Meyer. Meyer vowed that this season would be different. With getting Lawrence, the Jags will get a guy who can throw the ball deep down the field, has mobile legs and can extend plays, very competitive, and is always willing to take responsibility. Lawrence oozes with confidence and that confidence will help his team play better. Only time will tell, but the Jaguars felt like Lawrence was their guy.

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