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  • Chappell Wilson

The Lakers lose big at home as AD has another lackluster performance.

Los Angeles came into Wednesday night’s game after blowing the doors off of the Memphis Grizzlies, who're still missing their star point guard Ja Morant. The Lakers knew that the Kings would definitely have a lot more of a problem than the Grizzlies. One of the keys to victory for the Lakers was to contain De’Aaron Fox. The shifty lefty has always presented problems for the Lakers since he entered the league out of Kentucky University.

Early on, the Lakers did what they normally do and fell behind big in the first quarter, as the Kings dropped 38 points and led by 13 going into the second quarter. LeBron James checked back into the game to start the second quarter, and he immediately made his presence felt by drawing a foul, which led to two free throws. He also racked up a few assists. Thanks to LeBron, the game didn’t get totally out of hand in the second quarter, but he had little to no help from his partner in crime, Anthony Davis, as he entered the half with a subpar 4 points.

The third quarter looked a lot like the first quarter, as the Kings offense was just too much for the Lakers, who looked tired out there. The main reason the Lakers defense had no answers for the Kings was due to the inability to stop Fox from doing whatever he wanted out there. The second half was a repeat of the first half for Davis, who finished the game with nine points 9 rebounds, and he was outplayed by the Kings Center Sabonis. LeBron helped the Lake show make a run in the fourth quarter to cut the lead down to 8 points, but with little to no help from AD, the Kings were just too much for the Lakers as they left Los Angeles with a 15-point win. If the Lakers look to have any success versus the Kings in the future, they must prioritize stopping Fox, who dropped 28 points and honestly controlled the whole game. The Lakers will have Thursday off and will look to bounce back Friday against the Portland Trail Blazers.


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