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The Kraken is starting their season on a roller coaster ride

Seattle- Even though it is a very early season, the Kraken haven't really found their identity just yet.

Coming off their first season in Seattle, the Kraken has started this season on an emotional tour of ups and downs. Right now, their record is 3-3-2, which is not bad, but more of a finding out who they are, type of aspect. The two games that ended in a tie, could have been won, but their defense in late periods allowed both teams to score late. Seattle has players that can score at will, but frankly in the second period, the Kraken's play calling has been super conservative.

With leading early on in games, you would expect Seattle to keep their foot on the gas, but in the last two games, that wasn't the case. On Thursday, they will face a winless Vancouver team in which they are the favorites to come out on top with a victory. Again, this is a very long season, so nobody should be hitting or tapping the panic button yet. This team is very young but are maturing before our eyes. For right now, the Kraken needs to find out who they are and scrap out some consistent wins.

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