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The Chiefs wins against Atlanta gets home field advantage throughout the playoffs, 17-14

Kansas City- Despite two turnovers in the first half, the Chiefs did just enough to get the win over Atlanta.

The Chiefs struggle to get any productive drives going on in the first half. Patrick Mahomes did not look like himself, as he was over throwing his receivers when they were open. Midway in the second quarter, the Chiefs were knocking on the door to score, but got a little too fancy on a fourth and short in the redzone.

The Falcons picked off the Chiefs on the fourth and short play and seven plays later scored a touchdown to hit the jackpot first, 7-0. Before the end of the half, Kansas City started to get their offense surging. Mahomes hit Travis Kelce for a four yard touchdown to finally get on the scoreboard and tied up the game, 7-7. Despite the slow start, the Chiefs finished the half with a total of 184 yards.

The Chiefs' nightmare with scoring in the redzone continued at the start of third quarter. Mahomes threw his second interception at the goalline to the Falcons. Kansas City's defense stepped up big after the turnover and sacked Matt Ryan twice to push Atlanta out of field-goal position.

Kansas tacked on a field-goal early in the fourth quarter to take the lead for the first time in the game, 10-7. The Chiefs' defense stopped the Falcons from a potential score, as they punched the ball out of the receivers' hands and recovered the fumble.

With four minutes left in regulation, Atlanta scored a touchdown to jump atop of the Chiefs 14-10. The Chiefs answer right back with a touchdown of their own at the two minute mark. Mahomes threw a 25-yard strike to Demarcus Robinson to go up three over the Falcons, 17-14.

The Chiefs defense was on skates on the Falcons' last possession in regulation. They could not get pressure on Matt Ryan and Ryan was torching the Chiefs' secondary. However, the Chiefs defense stiffened up on a third and short in the redzone. The Falcons could not convert the down and was forced to go for a field-goal. Atlanta missed the field goal and the Chiefs caps off the victory with a win and home field advantage.


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