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The 2022 Oscars hit highest rated Entertainment Special among adults

With the governor of California lifting the required mask mandates a couple of weeks ago, the Academy of Motion Pictures decided with extra precaution that the Oscars were going to be hybrid, but much more in-person. Despite a new variant increasing cases in certain areas around the globe, the Oscars did not have many talent wearing face coverings.

The Oscars started out with a Beyonce' performance singing her song "Be Alive" from the King Richard soundtrack. After the unique and empowering performance, Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes had a few jokes to open up the show. There were a couple of entertaining performances, as well as jokes that were light, corny, or dang right truthful. Things got a little heated when Chris Rock cracked an insensitive comment about Jada and Will Smith slapped him on a live broadcast. The slap was the most trending topic of the night, which had mix reactions from celebrities and fans around the globe. The slap was played on every social media platform with a whole bunch of memes that added a little humor to the darkened night.

After the un-easy moment, Will won Best Actor for a Motion Picture. Will gave an emotional speech and apologized to the academy.

Well, the Oscars have been given out, but the Pimp Slap has been viewed a lot after the event was over. On Tuesday, the Academy dropped the numbers of views and ratings that this telecast had gotten this year. The Oscars hit a 3.5 rating among adults ranging from 18-49, while attracting 16M people. Despite the negative situation that happened, the Oscars had a pretty great turnout from previous years.

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