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Team USA stunned by Germany 113-111

Team USA was in a dog fight against Germany. In the first half in semifinals. Team USA struggled to contain the middle of the paint and Germany was making them pay. Germany was shooting around 55% from the field and 50% from three-point land. At the end of the break, Team USA was down by one.

Team USA has faced a bit of constructive criticism throughout the FIBA tournament, because of their lack of height. Well, coming out of the gate, Germany punched Team USA right in the mouth and extended their lead to 12 at the start of the fourth quarter. Down by 12, Team USA tried to get rolling by using their speed, but once again each time Team USA went on a run, Germany would respond. Outside of Anthony Edwards, the rest of the players were struggling to put the ball in the net.

Team USA went on a 12-6 run to close Germany's lead. Down by four, with .40 seconds left Team USA had three cracks to cut the lead down, but eventually turnovers killed them in a shocking loss to Germany.

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