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TCU undefeated no more as they lose in a thriller against Kansas State in Championship game 31-28

With being a dark horse that nobody saw coming this season, TCU was in the driver seat of making the college playoffs, but first they had to passed 10th ranked Kansas State, which was no easy task. After scoring on their first drive, the Horned Frogs offense was shut down and struggled to find any type of rhythm. Max Duggan had a chance to connect on some big plays in the second quarter but overthrew his wide receivers. Maybe it was nerves or the moment, but Duggan did not look like his regular self in the first half. Duggan finished the half, 8 of 16 for 114 yards, 14 rushing yards, and a touchdown.

TCU had an opportunity to tack on some points midway in the second, but the Horned Frogs coughed it up, which gave Kansas St. a chance to extend their lead. TCU's defense bailed them out once again and gave their offense a miracle of an opportunity to score before the break. Despite all of their mistakes, TCU was hanging around and cut the Wildcats' lead to four at the end of the half, 14-10.

The second half was an explosion of offense from both teams. TCU kept striking back after the Wildcats would score a field goal. Things got a bit tense in the fourth as TCU allowed Kansas State to score a touchdown at the 11-minute mark to go up two possessions. With everything going Kansas State's way, TCU knew that they needed to answer right back in a hurry. On a fourth and long, TCU converted the down and a few plays later they kicked a field goal to make it an eight-point game.

With everything on the line and needing a prayer, TCU got the opportunity to get the ball back with enough time to score a touchdown and convert a two-point conversion to take this game into overtime. Duggan kept the drive going by using his legs. His legs got him into the endzone, and he threw a pass to covert the two-point attempt to make it a tie game. That was a key factor, which put the game into extra play.

In OT, Duggan did what he was doing in the last three minutes of the game and that was running the ball when nothing was open down the field. On a fourth and goal, TCU got gutsy and went for the down. They did not convert the down, which cost them the game. Kansas State went on to win the game.


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