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Super Bowl 56 wind down

Despite the new Covid variant disrupting Awards season and halting potential events, Los Angeles showed out during the week of the Super Bowl. The hype started Wednesday night with Jay Glazer throwing his annual event. The event featured many celebrities, close friends of his, and a performance that had the audience in awe. The next big event that competed with Shaq's Fun Hous Party, Maxim, and the a couple of concerts on Friday was The NFL Legends Party.

The NFL Legends Party was the talk of the city. Rob Gronkowski brought out his NFL family to party with. Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, Doug Flutie, and Emmitt Smith was partying, dancing, and having a great time at the party. The party had an hour performance by singer Florida. Florida performed his biggest hits and had the crowd really involved in the performance. Saturday before the big game, The Taste of the NFL, Leigh Steinberg, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated all brought their game in a big way. The Taste and Leigh Steinberg's event brought people together who are doing phenomenal things in the sports community While Maxim and SI brought out an entire concert in a great venue. Sports Illustrated had Jack Harlow performing, while Maxim had brought out Lil Baby with 50 Cent hosting their event.

After a long week that was filled with high energy, parties, and people enjoying themselves, finally the big day arrived. Cincinnati fans came a long way to celebrate their team while the Rams had their fans chanting champion. The game in itself was a defensive battle at first, but key plays down the stretch helped the Rams capture their second title in franchise history 23-20, which made their head coach Sean McVay the youngest head coach to win a NFL Championship.

What a week for the City of Angels! Here is recap of what went down throughout the week.


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