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Stephen A. Smith Debuts Stephen A’s World Jan. 11

New York- ESPN's sports anchor Stephen A. Smith will premiere his new show Stephen A's World Jan.11 on ESPN+.

Stephen A has decided to start up a new show that will show a more diverse side of him outside of the normal sports personality. He will be speaking with guests from all walks of life discussing various topics.

This is definitely something new. Sure, it'll be sports-related. I'll never depart from that. But this is also a look inside MY world, beyond what you customarily see from me across all the other ESPN platforms,” said Smith. “From talking to A-list guests, to bringing 'Baby Stephen A' into the mix, to asking the 'Love Doctor' to save a few relationships sports are actually compromising, you just never know what you'll get from me day-to-day. It all depends on my mood. That's Stephen A's World in a nutshell. Putting the PLUS in ESPN+ and I can’t wait."

The show will broadcast Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and will be shown on demand anytime.

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