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Stars held scoreless against the Blues 4-0

With only a few days until the opening of the regular season, the Stars was not twinkling out in Dallas last night but was singing the Blues. As we have seen in these last few games, the Stars had some fight in them and made some of these preseason games a seat clincher, scoring goals in the last few minutes to force OT.

However, that was not the case on Thursday. The Stars' offense was out of sync and had a couple of chances getting the puck into the net, but it was just not their night. There were some bright spots for the Stars, despite the shoutout Jake Oettinger, was in "God mode" in his second game playing for Dallas, he stopped 24 out of 28 shots. Not bad for your second opportunity playing in Dallas.

In preseason play, the Stars are 4-1, so it's definitely not hit the panic button and run time. It's a long season and the Stars are making sure the kinks and cracks are ironed out.

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