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Social Gloves: Youtubers vs. Tiktokers review

Miami, FL- On Saturday, there was a Youtuber vs Tiktok boxing bout, which turned into a great event.

It was the battle of social media and a way for participants to claim bragging rights. The first match of the night starred Ryan Johnston (Youtube) vs. Cale Saurage . Johnston started off real slow with working his jab and landing some big shots in the first two rounds..Saurage fought back and landed some blows of his own. However, in the fourth round Saurage was knocked down three times and the referee called the fight. That was the start to an amazing night.

Throughout the night there were different music artists like DJ Khaled, The Migos,and more who performed and kept the crowd entertained. It was a high energy and competitive night for all of the fighters.

Here are the rest of the winners who won last night.

Vinnie Hacker (TT) def. Deji (YT)

AnEsonGib (YT) vs.Taylor Holder (TT) - Majority draw

Austin McBroom (YT) def. Bryce Hall (TT)

Landon McBroom (YT) def. Ben Azelart (TT)

Faze Jarvis (YT) def. Michael Le (TT)

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