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Simone Biles captures her seventh U.S. gymnastics championship

Los Angeles- On Sunday, Simone Biles added to her collection of U.S. gymnastic championships.

After having a somewhat rusty routine on Friday, Biles came out the gate with guns blazing on Sunday. On her floor routine, she improved her landings and only touched the white boarder once. On the other events, she put up impressive scores. Biles finished with an all-around score of 60.100.

Despite the win and the score, Biles felt like she needed to improve her landing and had this to say about improvement before the Olympic Games. "It's so crazy because in training I never go out of bounds and I never have this much power," Biles said. "But with the adrenaline, that's where it comes."

With the Olympics around the corner, Biles looks to be the front runner gymnast that could take home Gold for the United States.

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