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  • Heather Wilson

SHE READY Foundation was the event that everyone was talking about

It was all about PROM! At the SHE READY Foundation Prom Night created by Ms. Tiffany Haddish.

This star studded event, Friday night, held downtown La, was. so much fun , all to help raise money for foster children. Tiffany, a former foster child, understands the feeling of moving from place to place so she purchases luggage for kids because she knew how much better it made her feel.

All in prom attire, with guests such as Jimmy Kimmel, and Jason Lee, guests got a chance to relive the good old prom days and some like Tiffany and Jason, experienced it for the first time. Even with Corsages and Boutineers.

There was a live auction and guests walked away with beautiful items and the proceeds go to the SHE READY foundation. Jimmy Kimmel and his beautiful wife even won.

This prom, unlike most of ours, had performances by Snoop Dog and Mario. What a night! Can't wait to see more from Tiffany and the SHE Ready Foundation.

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