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Rough night for Paul George in loss to Knicks

The Clippers have not found their groove just yet and to make things worse, they did not play like a playoff contending team against the Knicks. Paul George had a Nightmare on Elm Street night. He finished with only 10 points, shooting 2-11 from the field. While the ball was not getting into the rim, George's defense felt a little to relax. It seemed like the Knicks were blowing past the Clippers unit with ease.

Collectively, the Clippers did not have much fight until they tried to turn it on in the fourth quarter, but key turnovers halted a comeback. Juluis Randles and RJ Barrett combined for 53 points in a 111-97 victory.

While the Clippers are trying to find their rhythm with their new additions to the team, it doesn't seem like the team knows who the true ball handler is at times. It seems like their offense is always on scramble mode. Again, it is very early in the season and hopefully they will figure out what person needs to take over instead of running more of a scramble drill in which everyone involved is forcing shots and not letting the game come to them.

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