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Rob McClure will return as Mrs. Doubtfire, as Broadway shows returns in the fall

New York- With people getting vaccinated around the globe and cases of COVID-19 are dropping, many events, Broadways, sporting events, and more are returning in the fall.

Last week, New York's governor Andrew Cuomo decided to open up New York a bit more, as well and announced that Broadway shows were going to return in the fall with 100% of capacity. This was good news to everyone and a sign of hope, as normal life will start to return.

Producers of the Broadway show Mrs. Doubtfire will return and are excited to be able to give their fans a show. “I’m thrilled that the Mrs. Doubtfire company will reunite on Broadway this fall bringing their indomitable spirit and talent to this new production based on one of the most beloved films of all time,” said producer Kevin McCollum in a statement.

The show is based off Robin Williams movie, as well as the book by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell. The previews of the show will start October 21 and the opening of the show will start December 5th.

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