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Prince unreleased album Welcome to America will be released in July

Los Angeles- Iconic legend Prince recorded an unreleased album in 2010 called Welcome to America, which will now hit the airwaves in July of 2021.

The Prince Estate and Legacy Records announced Thursday that they were going to release Prince's powerful album that he recorded in 2010. Legacy Records felt like this was the perfect time to release Welcome to America, because America is going through a shift in change.

Prince's single Welcome to America is streaming currently on music platforms and it touches on a lot of issues that America is still facing today. "Throughout the powerful song, Prince delivers a searing, spoken-word soliloquy set to music about golden parachutes, the superficial nature of social media, reality TV-fueled celebrity culture, and corporate monopolies in the music industry, ultimately concluding that America is the 'Land of the free / home of the slave,'" according to a news release.

Even though Prince passed away in 2016, his voice, legacy, and music still lives on.

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