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Potential players the Celtics could go after in the off-season

Boston- The Boston Celtics have been a consistent playoff team for the past couple years, yet they can never make a finals appearance. Is It time for a trade?

After former Boston General Manager Danny Ainge retired, Brad Stevens replaced him. They have a head coaching job that is vacant for now. Stevens might not of been the best head coach for the Celtics, but will he be a great GM? With Kemba Walker and the Celtics agreeing to part ways this off season, there will be plenty of possible trade scenarios.

A big target after their early exit from the NBA playoffs would be Kristaps Porzingis. Porzingis has recently shown his frustration with the Dallas Mavericks. This would be the perfect time to make a move. He would give the Celtics something they have not had in a while, a stretch big. Boston have had smaller bigs the past couple years such as Daniel Theis and Tristin Thompson. This would be an upgrade for them. This package could including Walker and maybe a first-round draft pick. This trade would benefit the Celtics a lot and maybe give Luka Doncic some help over in Dallas.

We must look over to the New Orleans Pelicans. With a ton of young talent, it may be time to trade some players who do not fit their system like Steven Adams and Eric Bledsoe. Adams is a great center in the league when it comes to rebounding and being a great defender. The Celtics lack paint protection and Adams would be a great player to have to protect the rim.

Bledsoe is a talented guard. He would fill the Celtics need of having a more traditional Guard. They haven’t had this since Rajon Rondo played there. Bledsoe would fit into this Celtics system very well allowing Tatum to spread the floor. The Pelicans would benefit from this trade as well. The trade could look something like this, Celtics receive: Steven Adams, Eric Bledsoe while the Pelicans receive: Kemba walker, Aaron Nesmith, or a couple second round draft picks. Adding Nesmith would pair another young player alongside of Zion Williams.

Each of these trades would benefit all teams involved. The Celtics need to make a trade this offseason to benefit them. With Walker wanting to leave, you need to get the most out of this return as possible. Tatum is thriving alongside Jaylen Brown. Adding a solid Center or stretch big would benefit this team a lot.

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