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Phillies' can end the D-Backs' season on Monday

Philadelphia's hats might be coming off Monday and singing a tune of celebration if they take care of business on Monday. On Saturday, they dismantled the D-Backs and sent them packing with a 6-1 victory to inch a step closer to another World Series appearance.

The name that has been everywhere and has done everything Philadelphia wanted him to do all season long has been Bryce Harper. Harper has captured as well as broke hearts around America. From stealing plates to knocking homers out of the park, this young man has erupted the offense for Philly and has kept the D-Backs on their heels. Harper has 11 homers in postseason play, matching his runs with Jayson Werth.

What more can you say about Harper, as well as Kyle Schwarber? Both players have helped this team out in a historical way and this is what their teammate had to say about the two players. “The thing about Harper and Schwarber is, those guys are so intelligent,” Diamondbacks pitcher Zac Gallen said after being on the receiving end of the one-two punch. “They’ve been around. You’ve got to hope you’re one step ahead of them. It’s hard. And them being able to leave the yard at any point is what makes it even harder.

With only one game to win for a trip back to the World Series, the Phillies and city of Philadelphia is burning full of energy and life.

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