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  • Eric Martinez

Packers Announce Participants for Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship

Green Bay Packer’s head coach, Matt LaFleur, made the announcement regarding the addition of 14 new coaches that will be joining the staff over the next two month’s as part of the NFL’s Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship. The program has been designed to increase the number of full-time NFL minority coaches. An opportunity to observe, participate, gain experience and ultimately gain a full-time NFL coaching position is the main objective for the program. By using all 32 NFL teams’ offseason workout programs and minicamps the program will allow minority coaches the opportunity of participating and display their talents when it comes to coaching at the NFL level.

The Packers announced the 14 coaches for this year’s minicamps and offseason workouts. To start offensively, the staff will include Lindsey Lamar (Howard), Arthur Ray (Howard), Mike Brown (Wisconsin), Juan Soto (Wagner College), Daryl Agpalsa (Northern Illinois), Winston DeLattiboudere (Minnesota) and former Packers Wide Receiver, Myles White (Miami of Ohio). Defensively, the coaches that will be joining include former NFL safety and coach at UNLV, Akeem Davis, Siriki Diabate (Connecticut) and Michael Hunter (Tulsa). The program will highlight four strength and conditioning coaches including Bryant Harper (Texas A&M), A.J. Blue (North Carolina), Ike Brown (LSU), Rendrick Taylor (Colorado).

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