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No Suprise; Spurs get their home run hitter in Victor Wembanyama

Before the NBA Draft was even started, a lot was happening behind the scenes with eye popping trades. Marcus Smart was traded to Memphis, Chris Paul is now with Golden State and Bradley Beal is in the desert with the Phoenix Suns. What a wild way to jump right into the NBA Draft!

The San Antonio Spurs earned the right to select first and like everyone projected, the Spurs selected Victor Wembanyama. The Spurs' fans were pretty excited about the pick and think Wembanyama can be the face for their franchise. Let's take a look at the other top 10 picks and where they landed.

2. Hornets selected Brandon Miller

3. Trail Blazers get a home run in Scoot Henderson

4. Rockets drafted Amen Thompson

5. Detroit selects Ausar Thompson

6. Orlando discovers Anthony Black

7. Pacers selected Bilal Coulibaly but was traded to Washington

8. Washington selected Jarace Walker but was traded to the Pacers

9. Utah goes and gets Taylor Hendricks

10. Dallas gets Cason Wallace but was traded to OKC

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