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NHL bringing more diversity to the ice

Seattle- With the lack of diversity in the NHL, the NHL is looking to bridge the gap and bring unity to the ice rink.

The year 2020 has reconstructed how organizations, as well as companies attempt find different ways to diversify and unite skin complexions. After the unlawful killing of George Floyd, many protests erupted around the globe. Protesters wanted justice for unarmed victims that were shot and killed at the hands of law enforcement . Players from different sporting leagues starting using their platforms to talk about social injustice issues around the globe.

During the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NHL used their platforms to tell inspiring stories of people of color that played for the league. Feel good stories are always good, but it brought awareness to what African American players had to overcome when they laced on their skates and played for a team, who at times had fans call them racist names.

Thee are 43 players of color in the NHL and the NHL wants to bring more diversity to the sport. Last night in the 2020 NHL Draft, Quinton Byfield made history with being the highest drafted African American player. He was the overall second pick in the NHL Draft. Byfield wants to be an inspiration to other people of color. "The league is doing a really a really good job with all the inclusivity and just the awareness that they're getting " Byfield said. "I think it would be really nice if I got involved with that and spread the positivity and just be a positive role model.''

There are stepping stones with bridging the gap of equality, but the NHL has progress with bringing awareness to the pandemic of inequality, racism, and unfairness with different individuals skin complexions.

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