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  • Phil Jones

NFL suspends players for breaking Covid-19 protocol

Yesterday the National Football League announced they have suspended Tampa Bay

Buccaneers players, Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards without pay for three games. They had

violated the Covid-19 protocols for the National Football League and National Football League

Players Association.

The two players were accused of using fake Covid-19 vaccine cards to avoid getting the covid-19 vaccination shot. The NFL-NFLPA reviewed the recent allegations and found that they had violated the protocols. When the season started head coach Bruce Arians of the Buccaneers stated that the team is 100% vaccinated. Both Brown and Edwards have decided to accept the discipline and waived their right to appeal the suspensions. The suspensions will go into effect immediately for both players.

In a joint statement from the NFL-NFLPA: “The health and safety of players and personnel is our

top priority. The protocols were jointly developed working with our respective experts to ensure

that we are practicing and playing as safely as possible during the ongoing pandemic. The

NFL-NFLPA jointly reinforce their commitment and further emphasize the importance of strict

adherence to the protocols to protect the well-being of everyone associated with the NFL”

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