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NFL Superstar had mental breakdown on final play of the Cards vs Packers game

Arizona- With the game on the line, AJ Green had a lapse in judgement,which caused the Cardinals to suffer their first loss of the season.

After stopping a potential double check win for the Packers on a fourth and short, Arizona had two options. Drive the length of the field and kick a game tying field goal or cash in all of their chips and go for the go ahead touchdown. Kyler Murray had the Packers on skates and all Aaron Rodgers could do is just look. The Cardinals got into the redzone, but wanted more. It looked like the Cards could end the game with a touchdown, but some weird stuff happened.

On a second and goal with under .20 ticks left in regulation, Murray decided to throw the ball on a in and out play to AJ. Green. Green most have forgotten the play, because he was blocking the entire play. With Green not turning his head, the Packers grabbed the ball out the air and called game in a packed house, 24-21.


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