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New England has blasted their way into the playoff picture, after coming back from the dead

New England- After the Patriots won on Sunday, they are only a game away from making their division very interesting.

The New England Patriots shut down the high powered Browns on both sides of the ball. Mac Jones was sensational. He finished with 198 yards and three touchdowns. New England was so good that Jones iced the game in the third quarter and Brian Hoyer got the opportunity to get some playing time in the fourth. Once again, Bill Belichick showed why he is a defensive genius. Each time the Browns were trying to blitz, he would have a screen play set up or trust his running backs to run the ball well. Belichick's play calls were so good that the graveyard king in Myles Garrett was ineffective.

After it was all said and done, the Patriots blew out the Browns 45-7. New England has erased a 2-4 record and now has won four straight games to get back in playoff contention. Despite the flashy teams like the Chargers, Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, and Titans, the Patriots are proving that they can still find a way to win without household receivers and a rookie quarterback. Currently, the Pats hold the sixth seed in the AFC,if the playoffs happened this week.


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