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NBC Olympics will provide coverage on the 2021 To Olympics

New York- The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will go on as planned and NBC Olympics will provide up to date coverage on the Olympics.

The Tokyo Olympics had to be pushed back to this year, due to the pandemic that affected individuals around the globe. This year, the Olympics will be in full swing and will have to adapt to certain changes that normally we would not see. For an example, athletes will have to wear face coverings and the stands may have limited people.

The highly anticipated Tokyo Opening Ceremony will be the first major global gathering since the worldwide pandemic began last year. The NBC primetime broadcast will feature special coverage of Team USA, along with the performances, pageantry, and Parade of Nations, the heart of any Opening Ceremony.

The coverage of the ceremony will start July 23 at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

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