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National Women's Hockey League Semi championship and final will broadcast live Feb.4-5

New York- For the first time ever, women's hockey league will be broadcast live on NBC Sports Feb. 4-5.

NBC Sports and the NWHL have partnered up to bring women more exposure on their brand, the organization, and who they are on a bigger platform.

Our partnership with NBC Sports is monumental for the visibility of the NWHL,” said Commissioner Tyler Tumminia. “Never before has women’s professional hockey had the opportunity to reach so many people on American television in the United States."

"As we have seen with the WNBA and NWSL this year, when women’s major league sports leagues are given a strong showcase, viewership is increased and countless new fans connect with the teams and players. NBC Sports provides the NWHL’s biggest games in our upcoming season in Lake Placid with best-in-class production and award-winning announcers. The NWHL will deliver intense, memorable hockey for the viewers on NBCSN as an Isobel Cup champion is crowned.”

The semi finals for the Isobel Cup will be played Thursday, Feb.4 and the Finals will be played Friday, Feb.5

All teams will be following the safety protocol with daily testing and making sure that everyone follows procedure.

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