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Natalia Dorantes becomes first Latina in the NFL to be named Chief of Staff

Washington, D.C- The Washington Football Team breaks history again with signing Natalia Dorantes to become their Chief of Staff.

Dorantes was very proactive with Washington's head coach Ron Rivera during her direct message to him on social media after the fifth NFL’s annual women’s forum this year. She introduced herself and thanked Rivera for being supportive of women in sports. Rivera took noticed to Dorantes' message and eventually hired her to join his team.

Dorante had experience working within the NFL and had a list of references that made her the right candidate in Rivera's eyes. Dorante's role will be to schedule players' training, handle logistics, as well as handle public relations with making Rivera's job much easier.

“This is kind of new ground for us because I’ve never had a ‘chief of staff,'” Rivera said, per Washington’s official website. “So I needed a person that’s gonna be able to interact with coaches, with coordinators and may have to say, quite honestly, ‘No, I don’t think Coach wants that,’ or ‘No, Coach doesn’t want that,’ you know what I mean?”

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