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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Naoya Inoue demolishes Stephen Fulton to become undisputed champion

Everyone from Mike Tyson and boxing writers have called Naoya Inoune the best boxer pound for pound. Nicknamed “The Monster” he continues to show the world why he may be the scariest monster we have seen since Frankenstein. Inoue has been one of the sport's best and most dominant fighters for years. After winning the WBC title at 108 pounds in just six fights. Inoue moved up to 115 pounds two fights later and won the WBO title. Inoune has recorded seven successful title defenses, scoring TKOs in 14 of his first 16 career fights.

Tuesday morning Inoune moved up to 122 pounds to challenge undefeated champion Stephen Fulton and to add another weight class to his already illustrious resume. Not only was Inoue victorious, but he also absolutely dominated his toughest opponent yet. By the 8th round it was clear Fulton ran into an absolute buzzsaw. Fulton was bloody and on the receiving end of a one-sided demolition. Inoue landed a brutal right hand that staggered Fulton . It appeared he was going down when Inoue crashed a left hook into his face that ensured Fulton's body hit the canvas. Inoune not only outboxed his opponent but showed off dazzling hand speed that made this fight look extremely easy.

What the world witnessed Tuesday morning from “The Monster '' no pun intended was one of the scariest displays of skills we may have ever seen. Fulton, a very good fighter in his own right and who became a champion in 2021 by defeating Brandon Figueroa, appeared clueless on how to handle Inoue. Outside of two overhand rights. Fulton landed flush in Round 7, there were only a handful of other shots that seemed to only get to Inoune throughout the bout.

The sky is certainly the limit for “The Monster” who's 5-foot-5, said leading into the fight that he was "pushing the boundaries of my build, my limits," but so far, that hasn't come close to being true. Inoue's pure hand speed and pace seems to negate the idea of weight. After the fight he welcomed Marlon Tapales who holds the other two titles at junior featherweight, setting up a showdown for the undisputed 122-pound championship later this year.

Inoue is likely going to be the overwhelming favorite to clean out the 122 division then the question boxing fans will have is how far can the dominant world champ go up in weight before it’s too much but as for right now “let’s enjoy the show.”

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