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Naomi Osaka starts academy with the hopes of inspiring other women

Los Angeles- Tennis Superstar Naomi Osaka is using her platform to encourage and uplift women around the globe.

Last year, Osaka started to come out of her shell and show the wold that she was more than a tennis players. Osaka used her platform in an unique way to bring awareness to victims that were killed by police brutality. Over the course of months, Osaka has talked about how she wanted more women to feel comfortable in their own skin playing the sports that they love.

Recently, Osaka started an academy called Play Academy with Naomi Osaka. The academy will inspire and encourage women in sports to keep playing with confidence. "I can't imagine what my life would be like without tennis, so I decided to start a project called Play Academy with Naomi Osaka. Our goal is to inspire girls to stay in sport by giving them the tools, resources, and inspiration needed to stay motivated. We are currently focused on activating in Japan, but I have ambitious goals for the project, said Osaka.


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