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MLB will allow fans to attend NLCS and the 2020 World Series

Seattle- The MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has decided to allow fans to attend the NLCS and 2020 World series.

Manfred has decided to move forward with allowing fans in the stands during the prestigious events, since Texas is going into phase three of its reopening plan. For right now, it is speculated that they will allow a maximum of 12,000 people to attend the NLCS and World Series. For fans that want to attend, you will be required to wear face coverings, no bags are allowed with the exception of diaper bags or bags that contain medical care for those who are required to have it, pods that are purchased are six feet apart from each other, and no seats will be sold within 20 feet of where a player can be located on the field, in the dugouts, or in the bullpen.   

It may be a little harsh with the restrictions, but the organizations are trying to make fans feel comfortable as possible during a pandemic. Tickets are priced at $40-250 for the NLCS and $75-450 for the World Series, and 10,550 seats in the regular sections of the ballpark and 950 in suites will be sold in "pods" of four contiguous seats.

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