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Mike Tirico will host his first prime time Olympics

New York- Sports anchor Mike Tirico will host the unique version of the 2021 Olympics for the first time in his career.

Since the global pandemic happened last year, there have been a back and forth debate, if the Olympics should be postponed again. However, the Tokyo Olympic committee decided that they would move forward and adapt to the new norm.

Tirico will be hosting the prime time Olympic show, which will be showcased outside for the first time in Olympic history. Tirico is very excited about the opportunity to host his first Olympics. “Tokyo is one of the great cosmopolitan cities in the world. The chance to use the city as our daily setting will help bring our viewers back in the States even closer to the Olympic experience,” Tirico said.

“We are excited to bring the energy of this vibrant host city to our prime time audience each night as Mike opens the show and interviews the stars of the Games from a spectacular vantage point,” said Molly Solomon, Executive Producer & President, NBC Olympics Production.

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