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Maya Moore receives the USOPC’s Jack Kelly Fair Play Award

New York- WNBA Superstar Maya Moore has been honored with the Jack Kelly Fair Play Award.

Moore has recently stepped away from the WNBA to fight criminal justice reform and helped advocate for Jonathan Irons, who was wrongly accused of a crime. Moore helped Irons win his case, as he was released in July of this year. The Jack Kelly Fair Play Award, which was established in 1985 recognizes athletes, coaches, and teams who show sportsmanship outside of their professions.

“USA Basketball is proud to have Maya Moore as a part of its family, and to see her honored by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee with the Jack Kelly Fair Play Award” said Jim Tooley, USA Basketball CEO. “She has always been an incredible ambassador both on and off the court for the USA, and her integrity and commitment to everything she has done has been 100%, which was why none of us were surprised when she opted to step away from basketball and pursue the freedom of Jonathan Irons.”

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