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  • Sharmaine Johnson

Lil Kim and Saucy Santana headlined the OUTLOUD Raising Voices Music Festival

Pride month kicked off this weekend in LA and one the most talked about events of the weekend was the OUTLOUD Raising Voices Music Festival! Which was a three day award winning LGBTQ+ Music festival, profiling and celebrating Queer artistry as a kick-off concert to pride month. Launched not long ago in 2020, OUTLOUD has quickly become one of the first virtual PRIDE celebration.

This year’s acts included Lil Kim, Saucy Santana, Marina, Cupcakkke, The Aces, Jessie J, Slayyyter, Kaleena Zanders, NOSO, Years & Years Muna and more! OUTLOUD prides itself on being bold and they look to work with artists, brands, and partners that pave a colorful path forward for the queer community. The Concert had lit performances on the Raising Voices Main Stage, dope interviews in the OUTLOUD Twitch Lounge, a crazy outdoor dance arena and of course delicious food, beverages and cocktails were available as well.

During my time there I got to witness a fire performance from Kaleena Zanders, got some bomb pizza from the food truch and enjoyed viewing everyone’s fashion. It’s so important that we create safe spaces for everyone right now and I am glad that people were able to celebrate their choice of love peacefully. It was definitely a vibe, if you missed it this year you won’t want to miss it next year!

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